About me

My name is Suranat Buranapong. I live and work in Chiangmai. I just started learning leather work at the beginning of 2012 and have found that I have really enjoyed creating handmade leather bags and am surprised how quickly my skills are improving. I have used skills from fashion design and tailoring (to create the patterns, the techniques of sewing, selecting decorative accessories etc.) especially making a dress on a model that has been totally handmade , it's something I have done for many years. Now I can say that I have fallen in love with leather work and am proud to say that I am a leather work artist and designer.

I make handmade leather bags that are neatly sewn and work from my heart. I have seriously selected only good quality leather and accessories. You will have a well designed bag made to your specifications, including details depending on how you would like to use the bag, because it is created especially for you !

"Suranat Leather Studio" Hand Created Leather Work and Workshops 

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