Leather Art Works

I have been inspired to make art work using leather for quite some time. I feel attracted to  the marks and natural edges of the leather. Many people think these are flaws , but for me I feel they are unique and charming. I found that each piece of leather  has a different shape and texture , as well as being unique in its edges and marks. If I try to select some unique edges of the piece of leather or leather containing some marks and place it in the right way , it can create a different art vision. I would like to tell people to see the flaws of the leather in a different way , some points of imperfection can in fact be points of beauty in your new perception ,  especially in handmade art and crafts. So I hope I can convey this message via my leather art works. Please enjoy the art work using your new perception of the  beauty of leather.


"Suranat Leather Studio" Hand Created Leather Work and Workshops

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    Title: C - O - - D - - - E - - - - # I Materials: Leather, Waxed thread Technique: Handmade leather work Backstitching Frame: Genuine wood Acrylic sheet ...
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