C - O - - D - - - E - - - - # I

Title:  C - O - - D - - - E - - - - #  I                             


Materials:  Leather, Waxed thread


Technique:  Handmade leather work



Frame:  Genuine wood

         Acrylic sheet  ( both sides : front & back  so that you can see the details of the art work's reverse side )


Size:  20 x 25 inches  ( including frame  23.5 x 28.5 inches )


Inspiration:  In the process of leather working especially for industry, the leather parts usually have some marks including coding on the animal skin, natural holes or the natural edge of leather and are thrown away because many people consider them to be flawed. In my view, they look charming to me ! They are unique because you cannot find the same marks on each piece of leather. There is only one mark like that , not the same as on others.

               There are 6 original marked codes and I have created 3 new marked codes. Each ox skin has been stamped with a code to show its identity. People imagine that in the past, the farmer used a metal code stamper, put it in the fire and then stamped the ox's skin. Yes, it sounds scary and inflicts pain on the animal but it's a fact ! The development of code stamping continues in the present day, it's less painful for the animal as now people stamp a small code or use eletronic chips. In my view, this is the story of coding on leather and it tells something about the history of leather.


Process of work:  I have just positioned the leather pieces using my inspiration and stitched along the natural edges and the stitching line appears to be free form. My feelings are quite different from working normally (creating leather bags : as the stitching lines for bags not free form.)

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